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Sven 2.0 is done!
RD Norman Light 2.0 on custom dyed Miro 68cm boy body <3
Matt grew a beard
Now he needs a wig in his natural hair colour.
Granado Uriel hybrid <3
04 Spot The Original Tan Part
Hah. Not bad for a first try! Might give the parts another bath in straight Sandstone dye. But this is closer than I dared hope they'd get, being the first try and all *does teh happy dance*
It's spring break, the weather is getting better, it's no longer freezing and the option hands have arrived! What better time to finally get on with the dolly spa? Embarrassingly enough, some of this stuff has been on the to-do list for a freaking year. Oh my.

Anyway. Here's what I'd like to tackle:

- blush SID L-bust body - DONE!
- blush Granado Nuevo body - DONE!
- maybe blush EID body too (the normal skin one) - done halfway, stains magic-erased.
- finish Carlos's faceup already OMFG! - DONE!!!
- re-do Katie's faceup and blush her to match her new body (eep!)
- re-do Cali's faceup, or re-blush her ears at least
- decide which hands to use for whom and manicure them. - DONE!

The new hands came in earlier this week, and I'm a bit ... surprised ... by their sizes. The SID man hands look huge (I was going to give them to Carlos, but I'm starting to feel I should have gone with the nYID ones instead o.O), the SID girls' are tiny - smaller than the nYID ones! I tried and failed to get a decent pic of it, so I'm not sure if it's my own perception being its usual weird self or proportions are indeed off. We'll see.

Ready, steady, go ... let's see what I can get done!

Update 03/19:
Got the NS girls' bodies blushed (except for Jo and Lauren whom I didn't take along but wish I had ... body blushing is fun!) and the hand thing sorted out. I'm not going to use the EID hands (yet), instead I separated Cali's fingers (ugh, the one mod I said I didn't want to do again) so that she could keep her default hands, decided to let Chris keep hers too, gave the new SID hands to Katie (they look too small on the SID but go great with the skinny Nuevo!) and blushed/manicured the lot. Chrissie's faceup needs to be re-done too, there are spots on her chin and nose where it rubbed off, but I can't bring myself to wipe her. *sigh*
Katie might get wiped and re-done tomorrow, but I didn't really get her hands to match either, her body is darker and less ... pink? Might try to darken the hands a bit more. Or she'll just get to wear bracelets. ^^° (Who am I kidding, she'd hate me for that.)

Update 03/29:
Carlos's faceup is done, too! And I got the stains off Cali's body, no idea what that was, but magic eraser sorted them right out. :)
Couldn't bring myself to wipe faceups ^^° I might be able to salvage Cali's, but Katie would need to be wiped and I just caaaaan't ... but I did upgrade her neck donut, so she got a bit of attention.
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Jany S.
30+ year old musician who owns more power tools than pairs of shoes. Crazy cat lady in training. Nerd / Geek / Freak and proud.


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Hello, dear!

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Absolutely! I read all of it in one go last night, who needs sleep anyway? Sweating a little...
I really like your style and I can't WAIT to see what's going to happen next!
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Hey you're on Den of Angels! haha I tossed you a watch ^.^
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Eee thank you I'm flattered!
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